About us

Fabric Frontline stands for particularly high-quality silk or cashmere accessories such as foulards, scarves and ties and has become firmly established as an internationally known Swiss luxury brand.

Since 40 years the exceptional designs are passionately developed and designed by hand in Zurich, where they find their haptic realization on luxurious and sensual materials. In this manner Fabric Frontline combines top quality with individual design and traditional craftmanship.

A further core segment that completes the world of Fabric Frontline is the great color variety of woven and printed silk fabrics. These fabrics are much appreciated by renowned international couturiers and designers for their creations.

To use only the best silk qualities has since the beginning been self-evident as well as a passion. As it was this enthusiasm for the most precious of all fabrics that set the ball rolling in the 80ies, when the founders and original owners Andi, Elsa und Maya Stutz established the Fabric Frontline brand in the heart of Zurich.

When wearing a precious scarf or foulard, it always makes one feel gently enwrapped yet classily dressed at the same time.

The famous actress Audrey Hepburn also appreciated this and so fittingly once said:

"When I wear a scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman".