Discover the new collection fall winter 2019/20

Goethe once said «collectors are happy people». In ENSEMBLE peony, magnolia and tulip form an entity, blooming phases of the red poppy merge into a composition. Elements of... More

OPUNTIA 95 Foulard - a colourful dance of happiness

On OPUNTIA 95 we can see the designer`s fascination for optical... More

Discover the new collection SPRING SUMMER 2019

«One cannot hear a thing. And... More

SIRENA Scarf - Greek mythologie and manufacturing process

The SIRENA Scarf represents a coral and alga garden... More

Foulard SCUBA - making of and styling tip

The artwork that functioned as model for the design of the More

SEAGARDEN Foulard - creation and styling tip

On the SEAGARDEN foulard Zurich artist Silvie Zürcher created an "imaginary... More

ALGA Scarf - the idea and styling-tip

"A "spot the mouse" game in the algae forest" - That`s how the designer describes... More

CORAIL Scarf - Styling tip

Since last weekend we are back to Central European Time we fittingly call "winter time".... More

CORAIL Scarf - inspired by corals, graphically implemented.

The design of the CORAIL Scarf of the current collection... More

The MANTA foulard in our current collection UNDER THE SEA...

was created by our designer Daniela Binder and is painted... More

The design of our iconic ACQUARIO foulard...

...of the the current UNDER THE SEA collection was drawn by hand with... More

New Store at Zurich Airport

We have celebrated the opening of our new boutique in a festive atmosphere with many Fabric... More

LALIQUE & Fabric Frontline

Riccardo Pfenninger, who owns Fabric Frontline and Lalique president Silvio Denz have their... More

17 Years Swiss Photography

The Swiss Photo Award - ewz.selection is one of Switzerlands more prestigious awards. With... More