LALIQUE & Fabric Frontline

Riccardo Pfenninger, who owns Fabric Frontline and Lalique president Silvio Denz have their Swiss origins in common. But the two men especially share a common vision of quality and craftsmanship which they sustain and develop within their respective houses. In its pursuit of the ideal of art de vivre, Lalique invests all fields of creation, each year joining its ambitions with the finest crafters. For its scarf collection, Lalique naturally placed its trust in the expertise of the Fabric Frontline craftsmen.


This design is an homage to René Lalique “muse”, which he draped in long silk scarves and who Fabric Frontline chose to embellish in the rarest silk and cashmere fabrics. The female silhouette, at times a woman-flower and at others a woman-butterfly as well as the iconic House motif of jewels, flowers and solar bird, is also a motif whose bucolic charm both houses enjoy cultivating in their productions.


The chimera becomes a masterpiece. Starting from the Art Nouveau master’s dreams on paper delved from the house’s archive collections, the Fabric Frontline designers, loyal to their exceptional graphic expertise, redesigned and recomposed the emblematic Lalique motifs, his flights of insects and colourful songbirds, his changing colours on a flower: yesterday’s creations inspire today’s motifs.

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