Cooperation with fashion designer Kazu Huggler - Zurich Festival 2018

On the occasion of the 2018 Zurich Festival, fashion designer Kazu Huggler presented her Couture Creations on the Münsterhof Zurich ("Beauty Campus").

Superordiante topic of the fashion show was the dialogue between fashion and social history, something the designer transcribes into several of her designs.

A beautiful example is "Climbing Carp" (see photo fashion show on the Münsterhof; photo credit: Josef Brunner) - a pattern that combines myth, tradition and new design and it is the collaboration with Fabric Frontline that simultaneously builds the bridge to up-to-date textile processing as well as to Zurich`s silk tradition.

For originally "Climbing Carp" was the pattern of a kimono of Kazu Huggler´s Japanese grandmother which she had had made for a celebration in honour of her sons. With it she followed a Far Eastern symbolism that is common in Japan: The carp that overcomes obstacles, where swimming against the current stands for decisiveness and endurance and, as it were, for advancement, happiness and a successful career.

By working together with Fabric Frontline the design received a technical revision and with it all possibilities to revive in modern spirit and of course: on most precious silk.

The scarf "Climbing Carp" is available in our Fabric Frontline boutiques.