About us

Fabric Frontline stands for particularly high-quality silk or cashmere accessories such as foulards, scarves and ties and has become firmly established as an internationally known Swiss luxury brand.

Since 40 years the exceptional... More

Sensual luxury that rocks

Unique, playful prints combined with the finest materials and lavish formats. Sheer luxury!

Inspired by nature, art and culture

Our designers and artists create Fabric Frontline’s unforgettable designs – many of... More

The tradition of silk-screen printing

Nowadays, hardly anyone in Central Europe still practices the traditional 24-26... More

For the silk-screen printing process,

the designs are broken down into individual colours. A screen (or stencil) is then... More

Made in Switzerland

Fabric Frontline places a particularly high value on the “Made in Switzerland” label. The first step... More