Herba Medica

Herba Medica Lampone


95 x 95 cm 

The HERBA MEDICA CARRÉ is an ode to natures healing power. A rhythmic aligned pattern brings together a selection of medicinal plants, such as the chicory, arnica, coneflower, sage and chamomile, as well as St. John's wort, marigold and lavender. Each plant has its own special effect and is to this day used as a natural remedy, being a tincture, tea or ointment. Stroll through the garden and pick yourself a bouquet of health! Medium: mixed media.

Herba Medica Foulard 95 Lampone Herba Medica Foulard 95 Tiglio Herba Medica Foulard 95 Fiordaliso

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Herba Medica Foulard 95 Lampone Twill