The design of our iconic ACQUARIO foulard...

...of the the current UNDER THE SEA collection was drawn by hand with watercolour by our talented junior textile designer Selina Peyer. The nominee for the "Design Preis Switzerland" in 2017 was especially fascinated by the question how schools of fish react in groups and how she could combine that visually with the aesthetics and layout of the brightly-coloured fish on a foulard.

The result is a cheerful, a harmonious accessory since the fish are all directed towards a specific aim, but the are moving in a manner as curious as considerate.

For more pictures and interpretations regarding ACQUARIO, visit our facebook page (post of 6th september 2018).

In the slideshow below you see the ACQUARIO foulard during its design process as well as a styling-tip.

By the way: We are also selling cashmere key-pieces in our boutiques.