Fabric Frontline turns 40 and wants to be taken out!

Do you have an old Fabric Frontline foulard or scarf lying in your closet that you no longer wear? Together with Caritas Zurich we want to bring it back to life for a good cause.

Bring it to the Fabric Frontline Boutique at the Bahnhofstrasse 25 and we'll give you 40% discount when you buy a new silk accessory! The returned vintage foulard will be sewn into pretty scrunchies by voluntary workers here in Switzerland, which will then be sold in favour of Caritas Zurich in our Fabric Frontline boutiques. Scrunchies are colourful and very popular hair accessory which can also be worn on the wrist. The proceeds will go directly to Caritas projects to combat poverty in the canton of Zurich. If the fabric is not suitable for scrunchies, the scarf will be sold for a good cause in the Caritas Secondhand boutiques. The promotion runs until the end of 2020. Please make sure that your old foulard is dry cleaned or washed before you bring it to the Fabric Frontline Boutique.